Friday 24 June 2022

IPSO, in collaboration with CSE, are organizing 4 workshops on Friday 24 that will ultimately provide a solid introduction to the world of football scouting and analysis.

Malta Football Association | Ta’ Qali

09:00 – 16:00 hours

Workshop 1

Investigating Bias in Scouting

We will look to demonstrate how you could display prejudice against a player or team without really knowing it. Investigating and eliminating bias is a must for anyone starting off in scouting and it will even enlighten the experienced scouts. We will delve into the psychology aspects of analysis when looking at players.

Workshop 2

Evaluating Young Players & Team Shapes

We will look at how to evaluate a young player in talent identification. This workshop is an insight to our live TID course of how to assess a young players from grassroots to the professional game.

Workshop 3

Exploring Detailed Player Analysis

This is all about first team level scouting that shows you how our Level 4 course works and the ‘‘Attention to Detail’’ needed when assessing players around the first team environment.

Workshop 4

Analysing Match Reporting

This workshop focuses on the analysis of match reports. We are going to show you how it’s made, the detail that needs to go into it, the procedure and structure of a match report but most importantly how important the report is for the manager and how to beat the opposition.

Saturday 25 / Sunday 26 June 2022


Cavalieri Art Hotel Malta

Saturday 09:00 – 16:00 hours | Sunday 09:00 – 13:00 hours

The course focuses on the development of  young football players from their youth at grassroots level to first team level. It is developed by Premier League Scouts and Heads of Recruitment and touches on all aspects of youth development.


This international course in football scouting and analysis is aimed for football coaches, players, football administrators, and sport journalists.


The course will delve into key areas vitally important to football scouting & analysis at youth level. It explores sophisticated scouting strategies and procedures that will improve any coach, scout, analyst, manager, technical director and is a massive help for football agents for their evaluation of the young player.

From a coaches point of view they will gain clearer observation skills to help their players and their own progress in their development. It shows you how to make justified, evidence based decisions when improving or recruiting players to your club. It will also show the most effective ways to manage any young player’s development.

This course helps students especially coaches improve their analysis of young players with a more accurate outlook, therefore affecting their own coaching procedures when coaching any young players. By assessing quicker, it improves the player quicker meeting the player’s individual needs with a more professional result.

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